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Drawing a Horse and Cart

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Here you’ll learn how to draw a horse and cart with a person in it trotting through a field. By using this simple and fun method for learning how to draw, kids will become true artists!

To draw your horse and cart, you can use Canson® ‘C’ à Grain", Mi-Teintes® or Vivaldi® paper.







Step 1


Using a pencil, draw a circle for the wheel of the cart, a rectangle for the cart itself and begin to draw the body of the person.




Step 2


Add the person sat in the cart and the outline of the seat.

Rub out part of the rectangle you drew at the beginning for the cart.




Step 3


Add detail to the wheel and give the person a hat and arms.

Rub out the part of the head hidden under the hat.




Step 4


Add detail to the person (hair, facial features, arms and clothes).

Finish your drawing by adding the harness and horse.

To draw the horse, follow the steps in the activity ‘Drawing a Horse’.



Step 5


Add whichever colours you want to your drawing.





Has this project inspired you? Let the adventure continue! Canson wants you to showcase your students' creations by sharing them with our community. We'd love to see what they've created, whatever it is! Simply contact us using the contact form.

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